Nitta Super Endless Belt is high technical seamless belt and meets hard tolerance, dimentional consistency and stability requirement. Due to Nitta’s long experience in this field and stable high performance, nowadays we have Top share in this segment. We are providing SEB to various applications such as ATM, Automatic Ticket Checker, office automation equipment, Carton Box machine (Feeder Belt) etc. Nitta is having seamless belt of Knit type, Fabric type and Cord type which varies tention and elongation.


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  • Joint less
  • High flexibility
  • Maintenance Free (Less Tension Relaxation)
  • Fine for environmental ,oil ..etc



  • Automatic ticket checking machine/ticket vending machine.
  • ATM/money exchange machine.
  • OA equipment (Card reader drive)
  • Grinding Machine
  • Folder gluer (feeder application)