Nitta offers low- and high-pressure Linemate thermoplastic hose which is having durability, light weight, compact OD, small bend radius, clean and high abrasion resistance. We have long experience in Thermoplastic Hose segment and get reliabilty from the customer because of quality stability and on time service. Nitta has three types of fitting, Swage type, Re-usable type and Campucka type (Push One).

<Thermoplastic Hose sales Point>

  • Light weight
  • Compact design & good appearance
  • Wide range of chemical resistance
  • Internal smoothness (Good Response)
  • Minimum bending radius
  • Less Bending stress at the time of the pressurization
  • High Abrasion Resistance



  • Construction equipment Machinery
  • Machine Tool
  • Material Handling
  • Agriculture & Farm Equipment